Tuesday, June 29, 2010

12 Jun 2010

Hari aku bergelar tunangan orang yang tersayang..Doakan kami yang terbaik dan semoga Allah permudahkan jalan untuk kami hidup bersama insyaallah..
Sekian, time kasih!

“I’m Getting Married!! Where Do I Start??”

It is all utterly surreal, romantic and exhilarating the moment your one true love proposes to you. And then, reality starts kicking in – “Where do I start planning my wedding??” In Malaysia, the wedding industry is definitely a growing one and couples getting married will find themselves bombarded with choices after choices of wedding vendors. Their price ranges from low-end to high-end to simply luxury and they offer packages after packages that will leave the couple dazed from the influx of information. And of course – the million-dollar question of just how reliable are these vendors that I hire? Which is totally understandable because it IS your once-in-a-lifetime and it doesn’t do to mess it up.

So – again, where is it exactly that a couple should start from?

In September 2008, the Association of Wedding Professionals (AWP) Malaysia was founded with the main objective of setting a professional standard for the wedding industry of Malaysia and spur the industry to greater heights. The AWP Malaysia is a membership service organization designed to increase the awareness for the wedding industry in general as well as improve the professionalism and credibility of its members.

The stringent membership approval procedures ensures that only the reputable, credible and reliable professional services of wedding vendors are accepted as members to the Association. Industry vendors who wish to be members are required to submit all legal company documents and marketing plans as well as testimonials from both the other industry vendors as well as direct clients.

The AWP does not just protect the reputation of its qualified members; it also serves to protect couples who are embarking on their journey into marital bliss. Naturally, in order to look at only quality vendors who are reliable and reputable, one need not search high and low. Just look for members who are listed with the AWP and you can start talking to them knowing that you are assured of quality deliverables.